Winter’s here!

So right now we’re focusing on Winter, and what that means for your skin and your skincare routine. During the winter months you need to give your skin some TLC to reduce sensitivity, increase hydration and protect against free radicals.

We’re going to provide you with some tips so you don’t get left out in the cold!

  1. Hydration is key!

    Low humidity, dry indoor air and winter wind can result in a lack of moisture in the skin and leave your dermis crying out for ingredients to get rid of flake, irritation and sensitivity.

  • Ingredients to look out for: Hinokitiol, Seawhip and Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Products to try: Alumier HydraDew Moisturiser, Alumier HydraCalm Moisturiser, Dermaquest Advanced B5 Serum.
  • Treatments in Clinic: Deep Moisture Mask – £39.
  1. Exfoliation should not be forgotten!

    Yes, we aren’t focusing on getting a glowing tan this time of year, but smooth, glowing skin never goes out of season. When your skin is dry from winter weather, the usual 28-day cell rejuvenation cycle takes a longer time to transition dead skin to the surface. A regular gentle exfoliation treatment will leave your skin healthier, happier and reveal a brighter new you!

  • Ingredients to look out for: Lactic acid, Soy amino Acids, Papain, Bromelain.
  • Products to try: Alumier Lotus Scrub, Dermaquest Algae Polishing Scrub, Alumier Bright and Clear, Alumier Enzymatic Peel
  • Treatments in Clinic: Enzyme Retexturing Treatment – £55
  1. Avoid using facewipes!

    Yes they’re quick and easy, yes you can use them on the go, but they aren’t doing any good to your skin, zapping the moisture and leaving your skin dry and dehydrated. Replace wipes with a gentle, nourishing cleanser and you’ll see and feel the difference in no time!

  • Ingredients to look out for: Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, BV-OSC (Vitamin C)
  • Products to try: Alumier SensiCalm Cleanser, Alumier HydraBoost Cleanser, Dermaquest C Infusion Cleanser.
  1. Introduce a serum into your routine!

    When it comes to handling sensitive skin in this chilly season, nothing beats a nourishing and hydrating serum to soothe irritation, bring down inflammation and hydrate the skin leaving itching, flaking and dryness a thing of the past.

  • Ingredients to look out for: Seawhip, Hinokitiol, Aloe, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).
  • Products to try: Alumier Ultimate Boost Serum, Alumier CalmR Serum, Dermaquest Advanced B5 Hydrating Serum, Dermaquest C Infusion Serum.
  1. Protect yourself against the Sun!

    Yes it’s not boiling hot and no we we’re not spending all our time outside, but our skin is still exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, increasing inflammation, redness and sensitivity not to mention long term damage, making it imperative to incorporate a broad-spectrum SPF into your daily routine.

  • Ingredients to look out for: Micronized Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Resveratrol.
  • Products to try: Alumier Sheer Hydration SPF (tinted/untinted), Alumier Moisture Matte SPF (Ivory, Amber, Sand), Dermaquest Sun Armour SPF50, Dermaquest.

All Products and Treatments mentioned in today’s blog are available to purchase in our clinic. Why not pop in or make an appointment to speak to a skin specialist to start your journey to amazing skin today!