For the effective removal of skin imperfections.

Get rid of those unsightly warts, skin tags and benign lesions using the CryoPen device.

The CryoPen uses Nitrous Oxide to deliver quick, effective Cryotherapy treatments (cold surgery) to benign skin lesions.

Cryotherapy is a highly effective and safe procedure that is used to freeze and destroy tissue. The CryoPen only treats the lesion, not the healthy surrounding tissue due to the special design of the applicator tip. This means that treatment takes just seconds to do, involves minimal discomfort and has few side effects!

CryoPen is recommended to treat:

Skin Tags | Warts | Age Spots | Sun Spots | Liver Spots | Verruca’s

Why not start your journey to clearer unblemished skin today by booking in for a CryoPen treatment with one of our practitioners today.

CryoPen Treatment One Lesion
Subsequent Lesions (within same appointment)
Follow Up Treatment (if required)

Before & After

Before & After