Belotero Lips. A Natural Look is an Exact Science

Your lips and your look are entirely your own.
Through a unique combination of fillers, BELOTERO® Lips helps smooth fine lines, regain definition and restore lost volume, to achieve natural looking, rejuvenated lips.

The two sides to Lip Beauty for one fantastic Result!

  • BELOTERO® Lips Contour provides volume and definition for patient-specific, optimized results along the border and around the mouth.
  • BELOTERO® Lips Shape is used for lip augmentation and enhancing the upper and lower lip.

Practitioner’s Expertise and Intelligent Technology

Belotero® Lips is positioned for good tissue integration, delivery of high patient satisfaction and natural-looking results for all ages. Due to the extra versatility offered by the Belotero® Lips concept, with products specifically designed for both shaping and contouring, this allows for a tailored lip treatment for our patients. 

0.6ml of either Shape or Contour
Peri-oral rejuvenation – combination of Shape and Contour

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